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Your Support Matters

Thank you for considering a donation to the International Spy Museum during this difficult time. Your support makes our nonprofit educational mission possible.


Our Mission is Education

For more than 18 years, the International Spy Museum has been a magnet for visitors from around the world, offering an exciting and thought-provoking exploration of the shadowy world of espionage and intelligence for learners of all ages.

We are the only public museum in the United States dedicated to the craft, history, and contemporary role of espionage, and the only one in the world that presents this topic from a global perspective.

Our focus is education. Our programs reach thousands of students each year, engaging them in problem-solving and critical thinking inspired by the stories and craft of espionage and intelligence. Our Access to Spy programs further expand our reach, with resources, curriculum and other learning opportunities for audiences who, because of financial, physical or geographic obstacles, would not otherwise be able to benefit from them.
Your gift makes this work possible and ensures the protection of our unique collection of artifacts for future generations.